Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I recently saw an ad stating that kids can visit the Biltmore Estate for the entire summer for FREE. Free you say!!! Wow!! that is an incredible generous offer. In this time of economic recovery for the United States, who could ask for a sweeter gift? Then it hit me. At http://www.carolinamountainrental.com/ our Asheville NC Cabins always let the kids visit for FREE. Not only kids, grandmas visit for free, too. "How is that possible," you ask? Vacation rental cabins, chalets, and cottages at http://www.carolinamountainrental.com/ do not charge by the person rather they charge by the cabin. So an adult can rent a vacation cabin in Asheville or Black Mountain only 15 minutes to the Biltmore Estate and bring the kids or grandma for FREE. So if the family can come with you and stay for free and the kids can get free summer tickets to the Bitmore Estate, why not visit Asheville now? Don't miss a golden opportuity for the family, call for openings now!

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